Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester


Effigy of Elizabeth I (d. 1603) in Westminster Abbey, made in 1612

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"The face, I grant, I might well blush to offer, but the mind I shall never be ashamed to present" <Elizabeth Tudor ~ Elizabeth & Leicester, Sarah Gristwood>

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Let’s talk about sex and the virgin queen…?

Did Queen Elizabeth I and her life long friend and honorary consort, Robert Dudley, have sex or not? No one knows, but I’ll give you some evidence to help you come to your own conclusion on the “virgin queen’s” virginity!

(I apologize for the low quality of the video.)

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Favorite Portraits: Princess Elizabeth Tudor (c. 1546)

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Another fyi:

This blog probably won’t be updated as much as normal tumblr blogs. With the lack of posts about Elizabeth and Robert in their tags, I have to make the posts myself which means busting out those history books and making edits. If this blog isn’t updated for a bit, it’s not abandoned. I’m most likely just working on more posts.


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Elizabeth having eye sex with Robert at her coronation.

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Elizabeth + Robert: Concepts

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The Earl of Leicester Goes Fishing | All Things Robert Dudley

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, liked salads, artichokes (from his own garden), and fish. Unlike King Philip II, who loved to go fishing,1 but did not eat fish. (He secured a papal dispensation to eat meat on Fridays). For Robert Dudley the only option to escape court or social life for a few hours was to go fishing. This is mirrored in his account books. The earl usually did not carry cash money on his own person; he only received it from his treasurer to go fishing, on rare occasions.

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Elizabeth I by William Faithorne, 1690. National Trust Collection. Painted 87 years after her death.

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Does your flirting fall a bit flat? Pick up some top tips from Elizabeth I and her favourite Robert Dudley at Kenilworth Castle.

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